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It has been said that human resource is a company’s most valuable asset. Having satisfied, highly motivated and loyal employees form the core of every successful and competitive business.

Managing this resource forms a key task of strategic management, a challenging area for every business. Ensuring timely processing and payment of salaries, as well as proper implementation of policies is vital to a motivated and driven corporate environment.

Sage helps you manage these resources in a timely and efficient manner with it’s payroll and human resource management solutions.

Sage grows with your business

Sage EasyPay caters for every stage of growth in your business; whether you are a start-up, a rapidly expanding
company or an organisation that has stood the test of time. Sage modules cover every aspect of your Payroll and
HR needs.

Starting from managing just under 10, to well over a thousand employees, Sage has helped SMEs and MNCs, to manage their payroll and human resource needs with solutions that are intelligent, intuitive and easily configurable.

Proper management of payroll and attendance plays a vital role in ensuring your company works smart. Sage
offers the advantage of highly versatile systems that enable higher levels of productivity, transparency and confidentiality.


Manage payroll processes completely from data gathering, various tax calculations to statutory submissions. It enables you to track and manage each employee’s pay while computing bonuses and incentives based on user-defined criteria and formulae.

Human Resource Module

Manage different aspects of an employee’s employment and welfare details apart from payroll matters. Reduces manual workload of administrative duties yet gives you visibility on your workforce.
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