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MYOB Features

What is the difference between MYOB Accounting and MYOB Premier?



MYOB Premier is equipped with all the features that can be found in MYOB Accounting and in addition to that, it has the following features uniquely:

Multi-location inventory, where you can track inventory and move your inventory items in multiple locations.

Multi-currency, which is very useful for those who are engaging business with overseas customers or suppliers. You can define what currency you require, track your receivables and payable in each currency.

Multi level pricing, you can have multiple pricing levels for different type of customers, agents, re-sellers etc. You may also set a discounted price, like example, price for the first 10 units is higher than the next 11 to 20 units, etc. Price levels and quantities are defined by you.

Time billing, if you need to invoice your customers base on your time, task performed or job completed, this is a useful tool. With time billing, you can track your time and analyze job profitability.


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